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frequently asked questions

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions that we receive at BTTS Tips. If you have a question, we recommend that you look below first to see if it is answered there. If you do not find your question below, please visit our contact page to ask us directly.

1. How do I access your football tips?

We send the tips directly to your email inbox so you don’t have to worry about remembering to visit our website.

2. Do I need to be a soccer expert to use your tips?

No, in fact, you can have no soccer knowledge at all and still succeed with our tips. Just follow the tips we send you, place your bets and count your winnings.

3. Can I use any betting system with your soccer tips?

Yes, our tips can be used with any betting system that you choose. Please be aware that some betting systems are much riskier than others and so you should proceed with caution.

4. Do you provide money management guidance?

Yes, we will share money management principles with you as soon as you sign up. Following these principles can help you make money over the long term.

5. What kind of tips do you provide?

We predict BTTS tips.

6. What soccer leagues do you predict?

We cover all the premier leagues such as: England - Premier League, Spain - Primera Division, France - League 1, Germany - Bundesliga, Italy - Serie A, Netherlands – Eredivisie.

7. Can I pay via Credit/Debit Card?

Yes, you can also use Paypal.

8. Are there average odds for your tips?

Yes, the average odds for our tips are between 1.70 and 2.30.

9. Do you recommend a specific

No, you can use any bookie that you trust. Some online bookies that offer the best odds include: Bet365.com, Bet-at-home.com and Pinnaclesports.

10. Should I wait for a discount to join?

We don’t offer discounts on our regular plans. Our regular prices are already as low as possible.